Where the heart is …

I moved into my home about six or seven years ago and have not yet unpacked most of my belongings.

I refuse to give into the blah of changed circumstances and decided this morning to order a bigger skip for next week and start culling.  There are suitcases and boxes in the garage to be unpacked, sorted and thrown away.  Magazines, recipes books and hundreds of children’s story books have to be sorted.  I still have the Tonka Truck I gave my son for his first birthday and can’t bear to part with it 27 years later.  Children’s puzzles, old video games, DVD players.  Oh! the accumulation of trivia and technology.  All will go.  Except the Tonka Truck.

I sat on the sofa today and looked around my home.  There is so much stuff that can be discarded and I would not miss it.

Willy Wagtail, Bunbury wetlands, Western Australia

I’m hoping during this self-imposed isolation I will catch up on reports and get my home into shape.  These are my priorities.

When I moved into this house I promised myself there would be no ‘junk room’.  Each room would have a purpose.  My home would be a home where I nest.  Birds do this well.  I plan to do the same.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Saturday – Habitat

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