The Garden Within


Within the labyrinth
there’s a secret garden within  me
hidden from all
untouched by seasons
my soft place to fall
it has no lines or edges
enclosed in this space, unwalled
I wake each day to take a breath
the purest breath
of joy, that restores me whole.

a dawn bird

In response to Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge – Week 17 – Start a Garden (Indoor or Outdoor)

11 thoughts on “The Garden Within”

    1. Hi Tracy, I’m well and working. Had some time off with friends and loved ones. Now on the road again. Thanks for checking in. Hope all is well with you and family.


      1. I was grounded Tracy but worked steadily Tele. I really missed face to face contact with folks though. Travelling now which is wonderful. 😀good to hear all well in your area too.

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