Sunlight, in many forms

The plant, a yellow clivia, is an unexpected gift. I placed it in the foyer of my home. I wanted it to be the last thing I see when I leave and the first thing that greeted me on my return home. It brings sunlight into my day.

I have always loved brass and copper pot plant holders. I have run out of space in my home to show case them, so I have to stop buying them. Brass reminds me of my childhood.

The brass buttons on waiters’ clothing at our local military club, the local watering hole for the Army folks and their guests, is a fond memory.

I remember women placing brass containers on their head and carrying water home in those areas that had communal water sharing facilities. How heavy that would have been and yet they walked with poise!

The brass scoop that we used to pour water into our glasses was kept spanking clean by cook. In those days brass was kept shining by rubbing vigorously with ash from coal fire.

Yellow is synonymous with welcome, with sunlight, with warmth, with gold.

One of the sayings I love is “Silence is not always golden, it is sometimes yellow”.

May the sun shine on your day in many forms, as it did mine, today.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RPD – Monday – Brass

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