Just add colour …

Flying over the Pilbara mining region, north of Perth, Western Australia.
One of my favourite summer fruits, the luscious raspberry.
My young adults have turned vegan. The challenge for me today was to cook a vegan breakfast. I was surprised how easy it was to do and tasty, too.
This is my daughter’s beautiful Embley, with her forever smile and tricolour coat that is so distinctive of Bernese Mountain dogs.
A lily at my favourite hotel that always makes me stop for a moment or two no matter how busy I am.

Sunday is nearly over and a sense of celebration still in the air. My young adults visited with their dogs today. It is the first time in many months when it was just the three of us. I so enjoy their company but more so, observing the interactions between siblings. They always want to share what’s happening in their life with each other or stories about their latest visit with their father. There are some dynamics more joyful to observe than others. Today was one of those days when I listened and observed and it made my day.

Happy Sunday!

As always

a dawn bird

Debbie’s One Word Sunday is Colour

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