The City Rogue

As is my routine while in Esperance, I check the sunrise time each day and set my alarm for five minutes earlier. With summer a few weeks away, the early light gives me more down time in a day.

I headed to Woody Lake, a place I’ve visited dozens of times, each time more curious than the last. I always find something here that soothes my soul in a way no bright city lights can.

On this morning I headed into the region, driving no more than 5 kms an hour. I know before 6 am the kangaroos feed roadside. Not this morning though. I was alone and even the birds had not woken.

I sat for some minutes enjoying the solitude when I saw it roadside.

I knew it was male but hunched, I could not determine the size until the big old boomer started to move.

The walk across was slow and laboured. He was old and possibly injured.

Halfway across the path he stopped.

He stood for a minute or two listening intently. Oh! how I wished he would move as I feared a car coming in around the bend would not see the animal. Contact would have been disastrous.

He then started a slow motion hop to the other side of the path.

And across the tyre tracks I had left behind.

If ever there was a moment of wonder in the brief interaction. This was it. The old boomer was huge and yet it disappeared into the short grass without a trace.

I often wake in the city with the movements of the old boomer. In a word, the productive side of me, goes rogue. It takes me forever to complete tasks, and there are times I don’t recognise who I am. But not so in the rural and remote areas where I find I am energised and bright eyed.

Having lost some of my business to budget cuts I have been busier trying to fill in the void with more business. I’m working in an unsettled and changing field where nothing comes guaranteed. It brings on a degree of stress I can do without but somehow I find the time and space to seek moments that nurture my spirit. Those precious moments give me the momentum to move forward.

I didn’t know this at the time when I reflected on this encounter, but kangaroos can only move forward, not backwards. There was a lesson in this encounter for me and I am happier for receiving it.

My wish for you today is that you find momentum that moves you forward.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge – Rogue

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