Where the sun, is the star …

A sunset camel ride is a must for any visitor to Broome, Western Australia. The climb into the seat is a journey in itself! The lurch forward (cue squeal) and violent lurch backwards (cue higher pitched squeal) and we are up. The rhythm is slow as the pace. It lulled a child to sleep. I have watched these camels while seated on the beach at sunset with a chilled drink in hand and promised myself I would do it one day. I was thrilled when I found the courage to do it.

Cable Beach in Broome is well renowned for its beauty especially at sunset. The sun is the star here. At peak tourist season the beach is a car park of white 4WD, people sitting on deck chairs and drinking while waiting for the drama of sunset which is always spectacular. The camels bring an air of excitement when they appear. It’s a time when one’s inner photographer surfaces and folks chase the convoy trying to get that perfect pic.

I’ve always found something romantic about camels, even though they can be cranky creatures. They are a prominent feature in the history of the outback where caravans of cameleers travelled through inhospitable terrain. These brave hearts speak to mine!

This is my first post in weeks and I feel like I want to write again. There has been so much happen this year that has knocked the air out of me. I haven’t lost my enthusiasm for every sunrise and sunset. The sun still shines, so I’m back to a life of adventure again. This being my first step in that journey. My pace will be slow but it will have momentum. Join me!

Until next time

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a dawn bird

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