In observing birds for the past few years I’ve learned a thing or two from their behaviour. They wake, eat, play, rest while grooming. The joy of a simple routine is in their birdsong.

I’m trying to simplify my lifestyle but before I do, it seems I need one final push to the other side. This brings on a certain momentum each day. I’m either turbo charged and ready to face the day or I am reflective and quietened by pain. The reality of slowing down, on some days, is exciting. With camera in hand, I don’t have to rush an hour. I can have all day. A delicious thought to savour on quiet days.

While life is taking me on a journey of self discovery I’ve realised. I live mindfully with camera in hand. Time stops for me. I am in the moment. Not much, at other times.

What my illness has brought home to me is this, I am losing strength in my hands for simple tasks. This is a reality that is daunting. Each day I now mindfully celebrate the following:

Filling my car with petrol, although I need both hands to lift the nozzle.

Dressing and undressing myself. Some days I can do this deftly and other days, like in cold Esperance, I needed nearly three hours.

Lifting my suitcase. I no longer pack one more thing … just in case. I take only what I need.

Opening a bottle or a door. Oh! the sense of accomplishment when I do without help!

Opening a snack packet. Some days I can. Other days, the packet goes in the bin.

I stop and plan my motor movements when taking my laptop out of my bag to minimise pain. When did this tiny device get so heavy?

I no longer take my body for granted.

I no longer live like I am forever 25.

What illness cannot do is break my spirit. My heart is free as a bird. It still has the curiosity that makes me feel young and new each day. It is the simplicity of this philosophy that I embrace and start my day. May you do too.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge – Simple

11 thoughts on “Simplicity”

  1. I have been reluctant to intrude and ask bluntly what it is you suffer from, but it sounds like you have really engaged with it, accommodating, embracing, and transcending. Inspiring.

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    1. Thank you Paul. After being unwell very suddenly earlier this year, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. It is taking me months to recover from that severe flare up. I can cope with anything this diagnosis is throwing at me, but fatigue is my nemesis each day.

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