In silence, we find words

In response to RDP – Wednesday – Adventure

Dedicated to my father with whom I spent many hours in silent companionship.

There was a little girl
who once sat on her father’s knee
And told him all about
What she wanted to see and be
She left his knee
To fly the sky
Her path brightly lit
By the stars in her eyes
The little girl became a young woman
who found love that didn’t stay
She wiped her tears away and
picked up the pieces
and from the fragments,
she chose the best tesserae
she joined them together
with salt, blood and tears
and through her fears, the pathway emerged
the young woman grew wise
by her father’s words
find life, and life will find you, in silence she heard
she looked over her shoulder
periodically with a smile and the knowledge
the adventure of the life,
is not in the eye of the beholder
ringside, at the gallery
but in the hands of the artist
that holds the glittering tesserae
So she shared her views, through the lens of her eye
The colours, the minutiae,
the wide open spaces, the early morning reverie
to honour his memory,
because the gift left behind was not in what he said or did
But instilling the belief in her
that she could fly, and she did.

a dawn bird

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