In the mind’s eye …

In response to Your Daily Word Prompt – Morass

Gascoyne River bed, Carnarvon, Western Australia

Inner reflection, for some, is a space of luxury and for others, a waste of time. For me, it is as essential as breath.

My most joyful moments in any given day are early mornings when I wait, coffee in hand, for the world around me to wake. It is a time where all falls away and even the muddy footprints left behind, lead me somewhere.

There is no time in the day to do this thinking. It would be akin to asking me to walk through this muddy river bed. I would balk at the squelching sounds of my feet as I dragged them through sticky mud. But from afar, that heightened space of early morning, when I view my day, my life, from above, the world below glistens. I can see what I have found.

May today bring you a sense of peace that all is well.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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