The day I said … This is me

In response to RDP – Monday – Intricate

I walked along the edge of shore
on sand, wet by sea of tears
watching the setting sun
Fierce as can be
I followed the sun into the sea
Right there,
at the edge of eternity

I found myself questioning
The intricacies of life
Of what could and could not be
Enmeshed in my blue of sky and sea
Wisdom filled the void within me

Locks and keys do not imprison
Nor do walls, gates and doors
Promises broken, words unspoken
a prison, do not make
To some freedom is an end, to some a beginning
at the end of the day, the road out,
is always yours to take

In fading light, an inner glow
Illuminated what I know

It is brave to face the truth
But you are braver,
when it sets you free into the unknown,
to become
who you were always meant to be.

a dawn bird

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