Willie the Brave!

After a very hot weekend we are expecting a winter storm.  What’s up with this weather!

I woke this morning to absolute stillness and silence.  I took a hot drink to the sofa and gazed across the patio.  In the past few days I’ve noticed a tiny Willy Wagtail.  Still a chick it is mostly silent.  I watched it yesterday struggle to fly up to the fence, and once it gained momentum, over it.  I wondered if it landed in the swimming pool next door!

This morning, an hour went by before I heard a tiny chirp.  It was Willie the Brave!  DSCN0218.jpgI stood at the window and there it was.  Flitting around under the patio.  It feeds off the insects in the cobwebs, and flies around with ‘crumbs’ stuck to his face.  I watched it practice fantail, unsuccessfully, and smiled like a parent while gazing at it with affection.

This morning I went outdoors with my camera.  I hoped my presence would not scare him off.  It didn’t.  We shared the same space for a few moments.

This tiny bird shared a moment with me this morning.  A tiny one but big in generosity.  This little creature with no other agenda, no angle, just curiosity.  Much like me.

This is one of the simple joys I’ve enjoyed while being home most of this month.  I have a few more days at home before my gruelling schedule resumes.  My job mostly entails giving parents bad news.  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea for a profession.  I know the toll this takes on me.  So I seek other ways to soothe my spirit.  And I’ve learned, it’s moments like I experienced this morning, that uplift me.

When one realises life is finite, the value of it grows with each passing day.  So I’ve learned to find joy in the mundane which is best said by Anais Nin:

A leaf fluttered in through the window this morning, as if supported by the rays of the sun, a bird settled on the fire escape, joy in the task of coffee, joy accompanied me as I walked.

May you find joy in whatever path you choose to walk today.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird