Mother and me

via Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

Having flown two awful flights, one where there was problems with an engine mid flight, I was somewhat apprehensive catching another flight to this region.

Being a small twin engine turbo, the pilot and co-pilot greet passengers as they board and disembark, a personal signature touch of the airline.  This time the pilot looked like she had just graduated from high school.  Her youth heightened my anxiety.

It was late afternoon when we landed after a surprisingly pleasant flight.  I shared this with the pilot and thanked her.  When she grinned, she looked even younger.

The sun was low in the sky.  The drive into town is around 23 kms.  I drove steadily and then stopped for a few minutes at a reserve before it was too dark.  I needed quiet, even if it was for a minute or two.  The birds had long been silenced by sunset.  I sat  taking it all in when an imperceptible movement caught my eye.DSCN9437.jpgI did a double take and zoomed in.  I wasn’t alone!  My heart pounded in excitement.DSCN9438.jpgI zoomed in as slowly as I could.DSCN9440.jpgAnd, closer, again.DSCN9442.jpgAnd again.

She stood silently, all doe-eyed and twitching velvet ears.

I was thrilled to see her.  The reserve was damaged by a bush fire a few years ago and although the flora and birds have returned, I hadn’t seen any kangaroos.  I made a mental note.  One more thing to watch out for.DSCN9443.jpgThe next morning, I headed out to the reserve again.  The air was alive with tweets and flapping wings of the larger birds over the lake.

I inched my car slowly, silently winching at the crunch of wheels on gravel that sounded deafening when I wanted quiet.

Either she didn’t hear me (I doubt that!) but she did not disappear from sight.  She stayed and nursed joey, before they bounded into the scrub.

I headed to work, carrying the memory, in the wrinkle at the corner of my eyes.

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a dawn bird