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UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1910Hibiscus, Carnarvon, Western Australia

I’m in beautiful, balmy Carnarvon at the moment, north of the State.  I found this hibiscus blooming outside my front door this afternoon.  Gorgeous!  The colours reminded me of the vivid horizon one sees in the Pilbara mining region.  It made my heart skip a beat with nostalgia.

Today was one of those days where everything I touched turned to dust.  The day rounded off with a know-it-all who annoyed me no end.  The emails I sent bounced and those I didn’t want to hear from, arrived in my mailbox.  The quote for maintenance to the roof is as high as my home.  I really didn’t need to hear that today.  I nearly forgot I had to log in for a webinar training and stumbled my way through the technology.  All day I longed to go back to my hotel room, pull the covers over my head and stay there until tomorrow.  I got to the hotel in one piece.  I parked the mother of a 4WD hire car, got it straightened after a couple of attempts, collected my belongings and sighed, I was ‘home’ for the day, when I saw this beauty.  Everything else just fell away.  I went up to it with my phone and in a stiff breeze managed to get a somewhat fuzzy picture.

This is what photography has brought into my life.  Where ever I am, my front door is where I point my camera.  It is the gateway to feeling good again.  It is my soft place to land after a challenging day.

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