Birds do it …


Before leaving Kununurra, I wandered around Celebrity Tree Park one last time, not knowing when I’ll visit again.  I climbed into the 4WD, this time the climb seemed summit.  It was hot.  I had walked around for several hours reluctant to leave.  My body weary from the wonderment I was taking home, I tilted my head back into the seat, and found myself travelling back to childhood and to a time of innocence.

I was a child of books.  I still am.  Curious about the world, places, people.  I devoured everything I read and was fortunate to be raised in a home that encouraged it.  And, what I am most grateful for is having a father whose philosophy was quite simple.  He believed and instilled this in me, what you know, exponentially increases what you don’t know.  It’s a humbling thought.  So the learning continues …

While in reverie a movement in the frangipani tree caught my eye and I found a magpie lark busy.  This is a common bird found everywhere but I have never seen one build a nest before.  Fascinated I watched the bird for a good half an hour, the 4WD my perfect discreet hide.  She/he gathered enough mud from the banks of the Lily Creek Lagoon and flew up to the nest, neatly smoothing and moulding.  It never faltered in the heat.  Focused, the intent obvious, this was for family.

As my father would say, be open to learning.  Watching this industrious bird, I would have to agree with him.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird