Ahhh! Red!

My favourite colour!  Red to me is a colour of celebration, of joy, of anticipation.  It always picks me up.thumb_IMG_0837_1024-2
Tomatoes ready for roasting
I’ve been home for several weeks and enjoying cooking for family and friends.  I love roasting tomatoes before adding them to soups or sauces.  It intensifies the flavour, especially if the stem is left on while roasting.
Child’s play
Children have taught me, they can make sense of the visual, more than we realise.  They watch and learn.  They categorise.  They learn right from wrong, what goes with what, and where.  They are surrounded by teachers, but none more important and influential than the ones at home. thumb_IMG_0930_1024-2
Hotel art, Geraldton, Western Australia
The HMAS Sydney II was lost off the coast of Geraldton during WWII taking with it the crew of 645, mostly young sailors.  An unimaginable tragedy.  The memorial is one of the most poignant ones I’ve come across in my travels.  Although it is a place of loss, it is also a place of hope, of anticipation, of return.  I’ve written about the Memorial in another post.
Somewhere over Shark Bay, Western Australia
My commute to work.

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a dawn bird

In response to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #81 – Find something red