Details! Details!

It was the days before mobile phones had good coverage.  Conversations often dropped off and the listener caught skimpy details as one struggled to stay on topic ….

I phoned my then husband, Dr T, late one afternoon.  With little ones in childcare I had time to cook a special meal for the family and was looking forward to everyone being home.

The conversation drifted to other areas and between laughter and whispers, it became more risque.  He decided to come home early.  I promised him it would be worthwhile.

The conversation went on a bit in more explicit detail, sparing nothing and then I added, “… and then you can pick up the kids from childcare after”.

There was silence.  It seemed to last forever.  He broke it say, “what kids?”

“OUR kids”, I said, laughing.  He, the prankster, on numerous occasions.

“No, seriously, what kids”, he enquired slowly, his voice sombre.

My silence was longer.  I hesitantly said, “Is this X?”

“No, it’s John”, he said, repeating his phone number.  I had misdialled the number by one.

We started laughing.  He told me he was really looking forward to going home but what a letdown!

I’ve never forgotten that conversation.  I wonder if he has!

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In response to RDP – Monday – Skimpy