It’s summer!


It’s the first day of summer!  I feel a sense of irrepressible joy.  This is a time of plenty and I exult in the knowledge, this month is all about food and family.

In the coming weeks I will be busy browsing and developing our family celebration menu.  Nothing bring me more joy during the year than the thought of cooking a buffet for my family at Christmas.

This is the time when mangoes, cherries, grapes and exotic fruits are plenty.  I photographed these mangoes roadside in Kununurra.  They are yet to look this beautiful in the shops so I’m always sourcing them from green grocers who get them straight from the plantations in Carnarvon or Kununurra instead of the supermarket where, no doubt, they have been in cold storage for a year or two.

I’m also looking forward to some down time settling into a house that is becoming more and more like a home.  My plans for next year looks manageable with a good balance of work and holidays.  Who could ask for more?

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird