You have arrived!


Welcome!  It has taken a long time for me to arrive at this space. I hope your journey has been shorter.

I wake at dawn.  It is the perfect time of the day for me.  I am always grateful I enjoy the first light of day with a world that is slowly waking.  Most of the time, birds keep me company in the early hours.

I have called Australia home for several decades, in particular, Western Australia.  It is where I live an itinerant lifestyle due to my business.

Sharing my thoughts on life and things that are meaningful to me during frequent trips and/or sojourns at home is what I’d like to do while I’m here.  I plan to make this space my home away from home.  My ‘word nest’, so to speak.

As a granddaughter of Isidore Coelho, author of ‘The Chef’, an indispensable book of Indian recipes for some, perhaps even many, I’d also like to share some of my heritage with you through recipes, and cherished distant memories of a childhood in India.

I hope you enjoy your stay whenever you visit, and that your visit leaves you wanting to return sooner, rather than later.

As always,

a dawn bird


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  1. Congratulations Dawn. You’ve arrived!!! Your writings are inspirational to say the least. Kudos to you!


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