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A few years ago I went to Broome, some 2200 kms north of Perth, for the first time.  Known for its beauty, I prepared for the trip by purchasing a new camera.  The effort and expense was worth it!

Waking to a stunning sunrise over Roebuck Bay, I took several hundred photographs over a two-hour period.  It was a welcomed distraction from a major decision of walking away from secure employment to enter an uncertain market setting up my own business.  When I returned home, undecided, I uploaded the images and was struck by the one I have shared today.  It is untouched and shared as taken.

I have visited the north of Western Australia many times since taking the photograph.  In subsequent visits I have attempted to get a similar picture at sunrise, but to no avail.  I now realise, opportunity has its own time.  Not a moment too soon.  Not a moment too late.  If we don’t recognise the moment, the opportunity is lost.  It is relevant not only for the business sector.  It is relevant in life too, where we relabel it, to read choice.  We make these choices based on informed research and then act on instinct.  In business I had done the research.  I knew my market.  Immobilised by indecision, I just did not have the courage to follow my instinct.  When I did, it was a choice just waiting to be made.

At that stage of my life, everything in my world was wrong.  Or at least it seemed to be.  But being present in a moment where I allowed my physical and spiritual being to be in perfect synchrony with everything around me, also made it a moment where I realised everything could be right.  A sacred moment.  A  nano moment of stillness and silence.  It was also a moment where the picture spoke loudly and succinctly.  Leave the ordinary behind.  And, I did.

Since then, I seek to experience that moment, that moment when everything feels right.  I wake to the expectation of it every day and am not disappointed.  Sometimes, synchrony happens serendipitously.  At other times, it is actively sought.  Either way, it makes my world a balanced place.

On reflection, previously, I worked in an office setting and did so for decades.  I went overseas twice a year to visit cathedrals, art galleries, monuments and sip coffee in cafes.  Despite my frequent travels, I did not see the world.  I do now.  And, I hope to share it with you, when you visit again.

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