Choice or circumstance


There are some paths that are taken through choice and others, circumstance. Regardless of the situation, the human spirit shines.  This thought came to me last night while watching a program on young service widows, some still single, more than a decade after the death of their husband.  They did not choose a life of a single parenthood.  The finality of death is crushing yet people have the courage to move forward.  It is a difficult journey, emotionally, financially, psychologically and physically.

Some journeys are shorter, yet, not without some degree of courage, and so eloquently portrayed by a Pacific Black duck that wandered towards the melaleuca (paperbark) grove at the end of the day.  The grove is a tangle of limbs, straight out of a children’s fairytale.  Long drifts of bark hang off the trees and rustle in the breeze.  It is darker here than any other part of the park.  There is a feeling of the unknown.  Yet, this lone duck found herself taking a hesitant step or two, before stopping momentarily to take stock, before going deeper into the grove.   She looked so vulnerable, yet so courageous.

A lesson learnt, I returned home, wiser, some paths are meant to be taken.

As always,

a dawn bird

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