Make no mistake!  The Splendid Blue Fairywren is aptly named.  It is splendid!  Quick, ethereal, tiny and exquisitely beautiful, I knew they lived under my holiday chalet.  I had seen them there on previous visits but was never able to photograph them.  They prefer foraging among leaves early morning or late at dusk and almost impossible to see.  But on my recent holiday to the south west I decided to visit a cafe, some 30 kms from my chalet where they are also found in the garden.

On a bitterly cold morning, I missed a turn and got lost, and some 70 kms later, I found the property.  A large property where berries, avocados and grapes grow.  The cafe is quaint and utterly captivating.  Tiny wrens and silvereye are noisy companions.  I spent hours over a coffee and took hundreds of photographs.  I could hardly wait to share them with  you!

The males’ brilliant plumage brightens in time for mating season.  The females remain drab grey with a pale blue tail feather.  Their vanity is subdued.  They say the blue fairy wren represents infidelity and promiscuity.  They are social birds and pair for life.  But, male and female, are also sexually promiscuous.  It is oxymoronic.  Yet, it works in their world.

I am learning more about nature, more than I ever have, my entire life.  It is a learning that grounds me.  There are things that work to a formula in nature.  Some things just are.  Some things are meant to be.  I’m learning, this also happens in life.  In my life.

Until next time

As always,

a dawn bird




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