Curiosity and Wisdom

What makes us wiser?  Curiosity or wisdom?  Perhaps, this reflection is a chicken or egg question.

I have returned home to a park that is alive.  The birds have taken over.  (More pictures to come).  The wood duck has nine ducklings, hatched last week.  Out of the nine, two are constantly by each other’s side.  For ease of reference, I identify them as ‘The Twins’.  Then, there is one.  Solo.  Adventurous, curious, brave.  Always out doing her own thing.  I can relate to this little one!

After a recent storm I could not find the duck family.  I scanned the edge of the pond without success.  Then, mother shifted her weight and I saw eight ducks were tucked safe under her wings.  And, there was Solo.  Looking around at the world as it unfolded before her.  The Little Corellas were scrambling noisily for best position among the tree tops.  Bravely, she stood and watched the commotion.  A moment so precious!  At the other end of the spectrum was an old Corella.  The Sage.  Silently watching life as it was for him, in another time, in another space.  Right now, content to watch, he had no issues with the other birds.  And, they let him alone.  Broken beak, and all.

Life for me is like that.  A curious child, long before the internet, I poured over books.  I wanted to know what, when, why, and how.  But, there are times I sit back and watch.  Silently.  I watch life unfolding as it is meant to be.  And, I’m not disappointed.

Has the curious child learned there is value in this?  I’m not sure whether this is wisdom.  But if I were to answer the question in a word, it is a resounding, “Yes”!

I’m off again.  Life has been busy.  But, not too busy to share Solo and the Sage, with you.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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