Almost summer …

In Australia we are officially one month away from summer.  There is confirmation of this in the garden.  The rainbow lorikeets have returned to nibble at the new leaves atop the trees.  I hear them at dusk.  They are noisy.  Having the garden to themselves, most of the time, they screech and look at me in the eye with curiosity.  I suspect these are young birds.  Their feathers shine and they look almost like ceramic ornaments in the tree.  The feathers are perfection.

At the front the passionfruit vine across the garage wall has spread, like loving arms wide open.  It is laden with buds.  Only two flowers have bloomed.  I’m learning about helping the pollination process that encourages flowers to fruit.  I feel there is something invasive about helping Mother Nature like this.  But, if I want fruit, the flowers need my help.  Where have all the bees gone?

Like a change in season, my life is in transition.  There are others who are giving me a helping hand.  They are reaching out to help me contribute the best way I can to the community.  This is team spirit in a larger sense.  After a phone interview last evening, I am being interviewed in person today for a much desired opportunity.  To find the team wants someone with my professional background, is a win win situation.

The advice I give my children when they have gone for an interview is consistent.  They may be good for the job, but it is critical the job has to be good for them.

The same applies to life.  To people.  To relationships.

Until next time,

As always,

a dawn bird 





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