dawn, every day

When travelling, the last thing I do at night before sleep is to check the time for sunrise, then set my alarm five minutes earlier.

At Esperance Bay, like me, the seagulls and Pacific Gulls also sit and wait for dawn.  I am never disappointed.

As we head into summer the sun rises to the right of Frenchman’s Peak, some 40+ kms away across the water.  It always makes a stunning appearance.  It is a quiet time of day for me.  I like being alone at this hour.  I usually have company though.  Fishermen, joggers, people with dogs, lycra clad cyclists bent low over their prized bikes.  Each of us curious why the other is up so early.  Too precious to break the silence, “Good morning” is a subdued greeting.

I feel invincible at dawn.  I plan my day.  I plan my life.  I plan.  I plan.  I plan.  Then, I prioritise. Having a list of ‘Most Important Tasks’ is something I do first thing in the morning.  It is a chance to group my tasks and assign meaning to them.

I have been practising this strategy in my personal life as well.  A new dawn, is a new day, every day, in more ways than one.  Each day filled with possibilities.  Until recently my vision lacked clarity.  I can see now, this is the road I was meant to travel.

Having decided on what I want to do with the remaining work years and how to do it, opportunities seemingly flow towards me.  I have met like minded folks through the most extraordinary set of circumstances.  Some would claim this is the law of attraction.  I’m not sure how that concept works.  But, it seems to have worked for me.

I’m sure Esperance Bay was beautiful at dawn this morning.  I’m some 700+ kms north of it and, yet, it is just as beautiful here.  I woke to a bruised sky of purple, orange and pink.  The rainbow lorikeets are screeching in delight, the kookaburras have laughter gurgling in their throat, I can hear the whoosh of flapping wings of the big water birds as they head to the lake.  They are starting a new day.

So am I.

Until next time,

As always,

a dawn bird

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