A Fortunate Life


It is said, sailors regard the Welcome Swallow as a sign that land is nearby.  In other mythology, they are regarded as a symbol of plenty, of new life, signalling the drab of winter is over.  Spring is nigh.

I delight in these birds.  I usually see them near the waterfront in Bunbury, swooping low while they chase each other.  They are incredibly difficult to photograph at this time. They are so playful, rarely stopping.  I have dozens of blurred pictures of them!

Deep in reflection about various professional choices on offer, I headed to Big Swamp early one morning in Bunbury.  I needed comfort.  I needed the embrace of Mother Nature.  I was too early.  The birds had not yet awakened.

Then, in the silence of dawn I saw it.  Silent and still.  Facing the sun.  Basking in warmth.  Feet firmly planted on a steady surface.  Like me.

In a split second I knew what my choices for the next few years were going to be.

I believe I’ve had a fortunate life.  I’ve worked hard for all I have.  I have never been discontented, wanting more.  But, I have been given more.  As a gift.  The gift of courage.  It has allowed me to educate myself to a level I never thought possible.  It has allowed me to raise my children to love both parents.  Equally.  It has allowed me to walk away from plenty because I know I can live on less.  It has given me the wisdom to see I am good at some things but not others.  It has allowed me to love, to lose, and, remain whole.

So, silent and still.  Facing the sun.  Basking in warmth.  Feet firmly planted on steady ground.  I am set to fly.

May the universe give you wings too.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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