It’s summer!


It’s the first week of summer!

There was a time when I flinched at the thought. Heat, frenetic shoppers of junk impatient at check out queues and bad tempered drivers competing for limited parking bays, loomed larger than life. I have mellowed.

Despite the heat, summer means Christmas baking and cooking. Mango, melons, peaches, plums, grapes and berries flood weekend markets. Tomatoes are redder.  Cucumbers greener.  And, one of my favourite fruits, the cherries arrive mid December!  I’m headed to the Cherry Festival this year!  Best of all, the taste of fruit and vegetables is not dulled by cold storage.

Feeling comfortable in linen and bamboo clothing is a welcomed experience. Watering the garden by hand is a peaceful, mindful activity.

Morning arrives earlier. The sun, reluctant to set, leaves later. Walks along a frilled shore masks the intent of exercise.  Sea sounds are joyous when waves meet the shore.

But most of all, contemplative in the space where the year comes to an end, I am happy in memory and look forward to making new ones.

Until next time

As always,

a dawn bird

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