Merry Christmas!


It’s Christmas morning!  I have been up since before dawn planning the schedule for the day.  Although young adults, my children still look forward to the day with child like excitement, as do I.

This year it is dinner at my home.  My children are eating lunch elsewhere.  They promise to arrive hungry for their evening meal!  We have not had Christmas dinner at my home before so I’m excited about the table setting.  Tea lights, candles, fresh flowers, etc, etc.  It has also given me more hours to cook!

I first bought Christmas decorations in 1985 at Harrods when we were living in the UK for several months.  I still have them.  But, for some strange twist of fate we could not find them in the garage and I had to buy a new tree and decorations.  My young adults will squeal with delight when they walk in the front door, as they are not expecting to see a tree!  I feel blessed to have children who still delight in the ordinary.  It’s an important quality to nurture, I feel.

It has already warmed up.  I can hear my neighbours and their children splashing and laughing in the pool.  This is Christmas in Australia.

May your Christmas be a day filled with the love and laughter of family, friends and neighbours.


As always,

a dawn bird

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  1. Hope your day is as wonderful as your hopes and plans – it’s such s joy to share good times with family Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017


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