At the chapel …

I have been incredibly busy and I’ve yearned to catch up on the blog.  Despite the busy schedule I’ve been fortunate to have a day’s break between trips.  This allows me to explore the area wherever I am.  The coming year promises to have a lot of travel and I’m looking forward to this aspect of my work.

I recently visited Narrogin, Western Australia, some 200 km south east of Perth.  In fact, I’ve now visited the place twice.  Time does fly!  As I had not spent over night here before I looked for things of interest.  Foxes Lair came up as one of the places to visit.  The entry into the bushland is unsealed gravel road, so I proceeded carefully.  Just as well, too.  No sooner had I entered, a large male kangaroo jumped across the road ahead of me in one leap to join his mob on the other side.  Spectacular!  They are elusive and blend perfectly into the surrounds and impossible to photograph unless they are comfortable having humans around them.  I returned to this place several times.  It is a place of enchantment.  More so I hear during spring, when it is renowned for the wildflowers.  I’m impatient to see the transformation.

I waited for sunrise one morning.  It streamed in silently through the tall mallee trees two hours after I got there.  The sun appeared half an hour later, higher up in the sky, at 8:40 am, peering out, a half-open, sleepy eye.  This is country living!  Even, Mother Nature takes it slow and easy!  I watch the light illuminate the world around me.  The magnificent gum trees.  The vivid bark, once used as a tanning agent, stripped bare off the mallee trees.  The delicate buds of the acacia.

I take it all in.  A sensory feast.

My favourite prayer comes to mind, “The morning is my chapel.  It is where I seek and find Thee”.

I’m off again, and again, and again ….

Until next time,

As always,

a dawn bird

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