The Grey Fantail

I’m learning that sometimes life takes you to places where you see extraordinary things in ordinary places.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the scrubland of Big Swamp over the last few months.  It is a place of delight and a highlight of my weekly trips to the south west.  I often stand quietly near the scrubland past the boardwalk.  I find the fairy blue wrens here.

Early one morning she caught my eye.  A small bird, erupting vertically above the bushes and then disappearing.  My step quickened.  The colour was neutral but I caught glimpse of a butter yellow breast.  I knew I hadn’t seen the bird before.  I scanned the bush and stood quietly.  Then she flew in.  Perched on the branch and faced the sun.  A moment that made me catch my breath.  My camera was quicker and caught her in a rare moment of quiet.  Then, poised, and as fleeting as a heart beat, she was gone.  The memory still makes me smile.

This energetic bird is difficult to see.  The markings and colour blend in beautifully with the surrounds.   To see one is to know it is there.  Then, one seeks it.  Much like truth.  Much like knowledge.  Much like life.

Until next time,

As always

a dawn bird


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