DSCN1349.jpgIt was an impulsive decision about six months ago to make today happen.  The feeling of unclipping away from the harness of life as I know it, was intense.  I felt it.  A moment of release.  I had to respond to it.  The day is here.

I’m off to the northern part of Western Australia to beautiful Broome and beyond.  I think I’ve spent more money on my gear than the holiday itself!  As I prepared for today I realised I had never visited a camping store before but have found enjoyment in browsing through BCF (Boat, Camping and Fishing) shops, Anaconda and Kathmandu.  Who knew hiking boots were so expensive!  My toiletry bag has the bare essentials.  My suitcase even lighter.  A pair of ear rings. Jeans.  Good quality cotton tee shirts.  Lots of sunscreen and insect repellant.  Band aids.  A hat.  I’m good to go.  Actually, I have been since February!

Broome has a sensibility about it that is difficult to describe.  You just have to experience it and people experience it differently.  It resonates on a spiritual level for me.  I’ve made huge decisions here about my career and consequently, my life.  I’m not sure if the boab trees will be in bloom at this time of the year.  I do love them.  Each has character and is unique.  One of my favourite places to watch sunrise is over Roebuck Bay at Town Beach in Broome.  I’ve taken scores of pictures of this boab tree and the nuance of the moment is always different.

This time I’m going further north than I have ever been.  It is regarded as the outback.  The thought of those wide open spaces makes my heart race.  The landscape is magnificent.  And, there are tiny things that tug at one’s heartstrings, too.

I have been unwell for the week in the lead up to today.  I’ve had to cancel work commitments and stay in bed.  It has given me time to stop and reflect.  What do I want from life?  The answer is simple.  I want balance.

Decision made, I’m off to enjoy the most amazing experience of my life and will be back in a couple of weeks.  I have limited to no access to technology where I am going.  No white noise!  I know I will enjoy the silence.  I’m off to find balance.

Until then

As always,

a dawn bird


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