Coming home

So much space and time between posts.  The reality is … I’m still on a high.

My holiday to the far north of Western Australia to the outback Kimberley region has left me contemplative and without adequate words to describe the experience.  So, I’ll do the best I can in short bursts.

I was unwell before leaving and decided to spend three days in Kununurra resting.  Well! whatever that means!  I was out every day for hours photographing birds and landscapes.  I’d nap in the heat of the afternoon, and then out again.  I have taken over 1000 photographs and need time to catalogue them.

I’ve met real cowboys, travellers, writers and just ordinary folk who choose to live life on their terms.  The thought of them is like breathing in the freshest air.

For now, these pictures of the cattle station I stayed at bring me home … wherever that may be.

Until next time

As always,

a dawn bird

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