via Daily Prompt: Cavity

Known locally as the Super Pit, I fly over Australia’s largest open cut gold mine on a regular basis.  The maw takes one’s breath away.  It is nearly 600 metres deep, 1.5 km wide and 3.5 km long.  It neighbours the twin towns of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, in Western Australia.DSCN7349.jpg

I’ve also stood at the viewing gallery and peered in.  Fascinating!  Like watching an ant farm.  The history, just as fascinating, and goes back to the late 1800s and to the time of the Gold Rush in these parts.

They’ve come a long way from shovels and carts.


The precision of the cut, sliced through hard earth, leaves layers for the eye to see but is it depth?


I reflect.

I know there’s gold in there.

Why else would people dig deep to create this cavity?

Perhaps to excavate, excise, remove, claim, maybe even dare I say, reclaim?


So I look closer … even closer … at the minute particles of dust and debris that make the (w)hole.


And like that solitary miner …


return home to a happier place, without the memory of you and me.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


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