Beloved, it’s in our nature

via Photo Challenge: Beloved

In a flock, they know the other.

DSCN4010.jpgAs well as a mother knows her chick.

DSCN4043.jpgBirds often pair for life, each the beloved of the other.

DSCN7377.jpgTwo walk as one.  Well, almost.

DSCN8124.jpgOthers huddle close together to appear as one … to large predatory raptors.

DSCN7354Have you seen dragonflies mate?  In a word, violently.  Finding a beloved, they end the battle, in heart-shaped unity.

DSCN6688.jpgOn weekends, kayaks rest side by side signalling, the beloveds are nearby.

DSCN8219Yes, to be loved and beloved, is in our nature.

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As always

a dawn bird



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