Monks, do it …

via Daily Prompt: Simplify

Simplify!  The buzz word of modern living.  Declutter!  Organize!  Oh! the irony!  One cannot “simplify” it would seem, without action.

For me, simplify is doing what monks do.  There is enough science behind the philosophy not to practice it for health and well-being.

Every day I seek a solitary, still moment.  It centres me.  It fits in with my faith belief.  I am in a chapel, a church, a sacred place, when I’m out with nothing but camera for company.

Photography has a seductive power.  It can zoom in and fade all else out of sight.  There is an intimacy inherent in that moment, when nothing else, absolutely nothing else, is important.  Just subject and me.  Yes, I have found a way to simplify my life.

DSC_0413.jpgI take roads less travelled.

DSC_0447.jpgI seek illumination in trees.

DSCN4145.jpgI find life where there should be none.

DSCN8692.jpgAnd find a blade of grass, is worth my scrutiny.

Until next time

As always,

a dawn bird



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