via Daily Prompt: Bewildered

It is early morning.  There is no one in the Lair.  Well, maybe not!

DSCN8386.jpgBreathe in.  Breathe out.  My senses now acute.

DSCN8411.jpgThere is someone having breakfast above me.  I move my lens away from the remnants cast aside carelessly.

DSCN8401.jpgOn the other side, the rhythmic thump on dry leaves tells me there’s a grey kangaroo in there.  Somewhere.

DSCN8403I close my eyes.  I hear the sea in the Marri tree tops.  This, in deep Wheatbelt country.

DSCN8398The tops are crowned with flowers, with some blossoms hanging low, like fruit of the vine.

DSCN8460And, that’s when I saw her.  She looked bewildered at my presence.DSCN8421.jpgBut not as bewildered as me, to find a shiny bauble in this bush country.DSCN8436

Until next time,

As always,

a dawn bird




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