Sea dialect

via Daily Prompt: Conversant

I know …

DSCN9100the tide is receding, when I find lines drawn between sand and sea.

DSCN9086they chronicle time

DSCN9088or memoralise life, between the lines.

DSCN9093The sea may leave a sprig of foliage.  An oasis, when you least expect it.

DSCN9145Sand from far away places.

DSCN9170Tiny shells, from who knows where.

I catch a glimpse, a fleeting glimpse, of sand in the making.

And, as the tide leaves, I become more conversant with the language of the sea.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird





via Daily Prompt: Bewildered

It is early morning.  There is no one in the Lair.  Well, maybe not!

DSCN8386.jpgBreathe in.  Breathe out.  My senses now acute.

DSCN8411.jpgThere is someone having breakfast above me.  I move my lens away from the remnants cast aside carelessly.

DSCN8401.jpgOn the other side, the rhythmic thump on dry leaves tells me there’s a grey kangaroo in there.  Somewhere.

DSCN8403I close my eyes.  I hear the sea in the Marri tree tops.  This, in deep Wheatbelt country.

DSCN8398The tops are crowned with flowers, with some blossoms hanging low, like fruit of the vine.

DSCN8460And, that’s when I saw her.  She looked bewildered at my presence.DSCN8421.jpgBut not as bewildered as me, to find a shiny bauble in this bush country.DSCN8436

Until next time,

As always,

a dawn bird




Posedion, god of the sea

via Daily Prompt: Creature

At sunset, I parked my car and walked towards the ocean.  A gust of wind lifted the sail.


DSC_0026.jpgHe steadied himself, then walked down the stairs.  His dreadlocks streaming behind him, like kelp.

The wind was strong.  It was what he wanted.  Encased, his muscles quivered with anticipation.

DSC_0033.jpgHe faced the ocean.  This, Poseidon.

Without a backward glance, he let the waves take him away.

I stood alone.  The wind wailed with me.

In his element, no longer of land, he became a creature of the sea.

Until next time,

As always,

a dawn bird


Red Finches

via Daily Prompt: Sympathize

Over the years I’ve managed to develop my own work-life balance.  I’ve reached a stage of contentment in what I do and how I live.  My children say, they have never heard me complain about working.  I don’t believe I’ve ever complained to anyone else.  Why would I?  Every work trip is an adventure.  Yet, some people feel the need to “sympathize” with me.

You see, my camera has opened a new world where I always find joy in the old and new.  If it’s raining, I look for rainbows.  When it is overcast with storm clouds, I know sunrise/sunset is going to be magnificent.  In rain, I find diamonds.  It’s a new twist to the old saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Some memorable moments are more vivid than others, like those spent with red finches in Kununurra, in the far north of Western Australia.  These are my observations.

Red finches seem to be listening to music all the time.  They hop and skip and bop their way on the ground.  In the air, they dive dance.

DSCN9995.jpgThey are almost always in a flock or at least a pair or two.  I’ve watched them for hours and have never observed conflict.  They seem to know, there is plenty of food for all.

DSCN9616.jpgThey go about their life, without a backward glance at raptors.  They live mindfully, in the here and now.

DSCN9702They are curious about the new.

DSCN9699.jpgStop long enough to look at the world around them.

DSCN9701.jpgThey are relaxed, and focused, when they observe.

DSCN9817.jpgAnd, yes, these energetic, beautiful little birds do take time to rest.

Red finches are joyful creatures.  Their values are uncomplicated.  Food.  Freedom.  Community.

Flanked by the major highway and the banks of the beautiful Lily Creek Lagoon, these red finches live an idyllic life, as it was intended.

I do, too.

Until next time

As always,

a dawn bird