The solitary surfer


“In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple.  It is there we can see into ourselves.” Rolf Edberg (author).

Even though I’m a non-swimmer, I’m drawn to the sea whenever I’m working in a coastal town.

In Esperance I leave town over the bridge and in less than two minutes, I’m facing the spectacular panorama of West Beach.  The journey transports me to where I want to be.

The surfers here are mostly young teens.  I love how they wait patiently for the right set while seated on their boards, chatting in a group.  Then one will see potential and take off to catch up with it.  Others may continue talking or watch him ride in, perhaps disappointed they did not see the same potential.

On reflection this morning, it is possible I have lived my life with an eye of a surfer.  I have seen potential in waves, and when riding a tube, kept my balance.  I knew the right wave would ferry me to shore and I found it.

Today, my wish is that you find yourself where you want to be.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge:  Ferry

The Healer Sea


The tide arrived at night

It swirled around my head

It found the vault, where memories are kept

As the tide reached that sacrosanct shore

Bringing storms, spinning truth, distorting reality

What was once mine, was no longer mine to keep

So I opened the vault, and threw away the key

Swept off my feet, the tide carried me last night

Leaving only sea prints in the sand

I woke this morning, free, adrift, whole

the sea, my healer, found a tide

that brought me home, to love again.

a dawn bird




Sea birth


I had a dream,

I was in the middle of the ocean

Free as I can be

When I saw people in sand castles shouting,

“Away from the sea!”

I laughed and frolicked on

Played tag with the shore

explored forests of sea weed on my own

did a pirouette or two on the ocean floor

As the breakers took me further

Their cries faded in the wind

That’s when the realisation set in

I could not swim.

I bobbed in the briny water

Afloat on the scream within

Placed my trust in the mother

Whose womb, the sea became.


a dawn bird

Posedion, god of the sea

via Daily Prompt: Creature

At sunset, I parked my car and walked towards the ocean.  A gust of wind lifted the sail.


DSC_0026.jpgHe steadied himself, then walked down the stairs.  His dreadlocks streaming behind him, like kelp.

The wind was strong.  It was what he wanted.  Encased, his muscles quivered with anticipation.

DSC_0033.jpgHe faced the ocean.  This, Poseidon.

Without a backward glance, he let the waves take him away.

I stood alone.  The wind wailed with me.

In his element, no longer of land, he became a creature of the sea.

Until next time,

As always,

a dawn bird