The solitary surfer


“In still moments by the sea life seems large-drawn and simple.  It is there we can see into ourselves.” Rolf Edberg (author).

Even though I’m a non-swimmer, I’m drawn to the sea whenever I’m working in a coastal town.

In Esperance I leave town over the bridge and in less than two minutes, I’m facing the spectacular panorama of West Beach.  The journey transports me to where I want to be.

The surfers here are mostly young teens.  I love how they wait patiently for the right set while seated on their boards, chatting in a group.  Then one will see potential and take off to catch up with it.  Others may continue talking or watch him ride in, perhaps disappointed they did not see the same potential.

On reflection this morning, it is possible I have lived my life with an eye of a surfer.  I have seen potential in waves, and when riding a tube, kept my balance.  I knew the right wave would ferry me to shore and I found it.

Today, my wish is that you find yourself where you want to be.

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In response to Word of the Day Challenge:  Ferry