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I returned home from a quick trip yesterday.  I enjoyed the slight bite in the air while I was in the South West.  I tolerate it less in the city where it always seems to be sharper, maybe, because it is the city.  DSCN9779.jpgI parked my car in the driveway and found the pink roses looked fatigued too.  DSCN9799.jpgStrewn with rose petals, my front garden looked like a wedding had taken place.DSCN2754.jpgWhile climbing roses on the arbor, reluctant to let summer go, clung on. There are ‘pockets’ of garden around my property.  A legacy of the previous owner, a florist.  It is a delight!  Something seems to be blooming somewhere, making it always a garden.  Being home so infrequently and for short visits, I enjoy looking around to see what lies in wait.  I’m never disappointed.thumb_IMG_2793_1024.jpgNo muted shades for this little one in the side garden.  Reflecting the vividness of sunset.thumb_IMG_2796_1024.jpgAnd, there were others, still beautiful, before they fade away.thumb_IMG_2797_1024.jpgThe geraniums always bloom.  thumb_IMG_2798_1024.jpgThey are a welcome splash of colour in winter.thumb_IMG_2800_1024.jpgThis shrub is covered in spokes of purple blooms.


The garden, it seems, is in transition.  After autumn, comes winter, then spring.

There are no messy endings in Nature.  A lesson learned, so I’ll wait, for spring.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



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