I do now, …

via Daily Prompt: Fabric

We use the phrase loosely, “the fabric of life” but what does it mean?  Is it just a covering, a veneer, or is it something of substance, that gives meaning?

The fabric of my life, as I know it now, is interwoven intricately with family, flora and fauna.  I could not ask for more.

Let me explain what I mean …

DSCN6086.jpgI’ve lived for over 25 years in my neighbourhood and had never stopped to watch a white heron in flight.  I do now.DSCN6243.jpgI never realised, the beige of the Wheatbelt is beautiful at dawn.  I do now.DSCN6574.jpgWho knew a front garden filled with roses, is a welcome like no other.  I do now.DSCN6810.jpgSunlight warms the whitest iceberg.  I do now.DSCN8106.jpgIn a forest, the trees are not green, it is the leaves that make it vivid.  I do now.DSCN8132.jpgPreviously my hiking boots stomped on leaves and stones, ignoring the fallen one, tortoise shelled by age and sun.  My steps are now lighter.  I do now.DSCN8475.jpgMy curiosity was blunted.  I never stopped to wonder why.  I do now.DSCN9900.jpgI didn’t know, the Black Swan raises cygnets, as white as snow.  I do now.DSCN9021.jpgAnd, when I’m not home, snowdrops bloom at the front door.  I do now.DSCN6775.jpgI didn’t know life was meant to be lived, eye to eye.  I do now.

As I reach summit, my steps are now steady and mindful.

I choose to live differently.

The fabric is tactile.

I enjoy the wrinkles when they appear.  They are there for pause.

A crease is a crease, not a crevasse.

Yes, it’s all about perspective.

The colours are sometimes muted, at other times, vivid, perhaps even iridescent, but monochrome will also do.

That fabric is sometimes tangled with endless responsibility.

But I know when I hold on tight at one end, it will unravel,

because my Creator, holds the other end.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird







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