Look away!

via Daily Prompt: Blush

I was a different person in early childhood, yet in many ways, I remain the same.

I listened.  I observed.  I must have done it well.  Friends and family know me for my silence and invisibility.  Not finding a place under their sun of accomplishments, I searched and found my own.  So I share this space with you on what life has taught me.

DSCN2051.jpgDriving through the Midwest, I realised, why settle for a bunch of flowers when I can have a paddock.  DSCN8346.jpgI’m always amazed to find pink in tough, mining towns.  On reflection, given the volatility of the industry and profession, perhaps it is Nature’s way to symbolize hope. DSCN8545.jpgEvery time I return from a trip, a neglected garden reminds me, it will continue to bloom, with or without my presence.  A helpful reminder for ego, so I take notes.thumb_DSCN8950_1024.jpgThere are no words to describe finding one’s first enamel orchid along a bush track but I’ll try.  They look shiny and plastic.  The crick in the neck from the double take was worth it!  They are breathtakingly beautiful.

thumb_DSCN9253_1024Likewise discovering that shaggy bush in Esperance, turns into a gorgeous waterfall acacia came as a surprise like no other one spring.thumb_DSCN8378_1024.jpgIf one summons enough courage to visit Lesueur National Park early mornings, when there is no one else there but Nature, the drawcard is easy to see.

thumb_DSCN9245_1024.jpgI found ‘kebabs’ of flowers there, too, so the gnawing hunger pangs make me return again and again.thumb_DSCN8971_1024.jpgPom poms along bush tracks brings out the inner cheerleader, I never knew resided in me.thumb_DSCN9490_1024.jpgThere’s infinite joy when a small bird allows you to keep it company.thumb_DSCN8906_1024.jpgIn a still moment, unadorned simplicity, is where Nature does it best.thumb_DSCN8959_1024.jpgThere’s a certain beauty to waiting before bloom.  (I wish I knew this in my youth).thumb_DSCN9004_1024.jpgRice crackers are found on the beach, if you look for them hungrily.thumb_DSCN9016_1024.jpgThe sand dunes are not an obstruction between me and the ocean.thumb_DSCN9022_1024They are made from tiny shells and quartz.  Each piece infinitesimal and exquisite.thumb_DSCN8641_1024.jpgA pesky weed is beautiful too.

These are things I didn’t know then, but do now.  The thought makes me blush with shame.

So look past my ignorance.

I’ll be back once I’ve found focus and share life, as I know it, through my lens again.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird













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