Storms make us stronger

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The concept of prayer and faith is a difficult one to describe to anyone who does not share the same thinking.  I know I have tried and failed miserably because faith and prayer is inextricably linked to who I am as a person.  It comes to me without thinking.  It is my go to place.  I have never needed this more than in the last 48 hours.

I was headed out of Perth on a day when a massive storm was predicted.  I was headed east and know the road well.  I had previously driven the highway during a storm and for a stretch of 60-80 kms watched the tall gum trees that flanked the highway, dance above my car.  I was watchful and tense.  The winds this time were stronger at 125 km/hour.  The rain expected to be torrential.  It was still when I was ready to leave the metro area.  The air heavy, stifling, waiting to implode.  I went back into my home and grabbed some summer clothes, thinking it would be hotter than I thought.  I was wrong!  At night the air in this open land was cold and biting.

Once I left the city behind I did not anticipate the journey ahead.  The paddocks were bare, ready for seeding.  The beige pastures dry.  The beige now in the air.  Visibility was negligible.  The folks in the region told me it was the worst dust storm in their memory.DSCN7122.jpgI turned off my air con and coughed my way through the next 160 km.  When I arrived I could barely speak, my mouth and teeth gritty with dust. The next day I headed further north east.  I had another two hours of driving.DSCN7151.jpgI could see the dark clouds build up on the horizon.  I tried to beat the rain.  It arrived before I could step it up.  The rain was like a powerful waterfall.  The wipers could not keep up.  The road started to flood in places and my car bounced off sheets of water.  I could not see a suitable place to stop and park.  I was doing between 50-70 km/hour in a 110 km/hr zone.  The stress of someone coming up behind me and not seeing me in time was ever present.  The only thing I could do was hold my nerve and pray, “keep me safe”. DSCN7147I got to a tiny hamlet called Latham when the sun broke through and it felt like I was on another planet.  The birds came out tweeting.  The wedge tailed eagle.  Pink Galahs.  Tiny honeyeaters.  And, I even saw a Maleefowl saunter back into the bush. The difference in the weather was unbelievable.

I was running late and could not stop to take any pictures.  This area is renowned for wildflowers.  I know I’ll be back in spring.DSCN7152.jpgAnother day of criss crossing towns and then I was finally on my journey home.  This time I indulged in a little rubber necking.  There was no one else on the road for one stretch of 51 kms, so I stopped and took this picture.  One of the most meditative drives I’ve had in a while.

I could see the storm clouds building again.  Having experienced the worst the previous day, these ominous clouds could not damper my spirit.  There was an innate confidence.  I would be safe.

It may be old fashioned to think this way, but prayer works for me.  It’s my hard wiring.  It makes all things possible in my life, or perhaps, I believe it does.  And, as long as I don’t impose it on others, I see no harm in it.  Nor does it harm me.  (I’ll have to remember this tomorrow when I fly out in predicted bad weather!)

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a dawn bird


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