The last day of autumn

It’s the last day of autumn.  Tomorrow is winter.  What a difference a day makes.  (Truth be told, I’m already looking forward to spring).  As I write this late at night, rain is dripping steadily outside.

I woke this morning to a horizon lashed with dark clouds.  Winter is dark and wet in Perth, so I trawled through my photographs for colour and flicked these photographs through my screensaver.  I needed the warmth of far away moments while I wrote reports in seclusion.  I recalled …

IMG_2582.jpgThe humble ground cover roadside in Bunbury that glowed like a star.

IMG_0939-2.jpgThe beauty of water lilies in a billabong in the Kimberley.  I will return.

DSCN9646.jpgThe solitude of sunrise at Esperance Bay.

IMG_2621.jpgI found this banksia in Esperance when I went for a walk one evening.  It was getting dark so I did not take my camera.  I was deep in thought trying to process an eventful day.  Then I saw it, candle like, low in the scrub.  I kept walking but somehow felt drawn to it.  Unusual because they bloom everywhere.  Compelled, I returned to it.  I leaned into it with my phone.

IMG_2865.jpgMy eyes lit up.  I saw perfection.

These were ‘stop and smell the roses’ moments.  I’ve learned to respond to it immediately.  The joy it brings is visceral.

Those who love photography, will know what I mean!

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



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