Life, precious life

I’ve just returned from a much anticipated trip.  I went to big country to look for small things.  I needed the contrast and dichotomy for my body and soul.

I was thrilled to find the tides at Cable Beach, Broome had left generous amounts of shells and sea debris on the shore.  I’ve visited the town at least a dozen times and found this phenomenon only twice so far.  It is the tail end of winter in Perth, so Broome and the Kimberley region is tourist time for backpackers, ‘grey nomads’ travelling in caravans and the well heeled to get away from the cold.  I belong to none of these groups.

I went because I want to live.

DSCN8799.jpgOn a beach that stretches for 22 kms, I peered through tiny coral windows and found life in minutae is what has added zest to my journey.DSCN8852.jpgI contemplated the fragility of life and the glue that holds it all together.DSCN8801.jpgI reflected on the foundations and layers we create within us, between us and for each other.  Do they support or divide?DSCN8884.jpgI found things that spoke to me.  Much like life, debris was once perfect and whole and …DSCN8876.jpgstill exquisitely beautiful.DSCN8873.jpgWe are given life.  But … it is a finite serve.DSCN8861.jpgI paused to reflect.  What’s my footprint, my legacy, that I leave on shore?DSCN8818.jpgThe glory of sunset at Cable Beach is seductive.  It is promoted as such and people come to catch their breath.DSCN8824But I also know the young boab tree at Town Beach, the opposite side of town at Roebuck Bay, is magnificent at sunrise.  So in Broome I catch my breath, at least twice a day.

I’ve returned home after an amazing trip.  I have more to share with you, perhaps later today, but for now, I’ll leave you with a thought.

We may think we choose our journey.  Not so.  We are given a journey but we are also given choice.  We choose how to travel it.  So, travel well.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


7 thoughts on “Life, precious life”

    1. Thank you! I’ve been looking forward to your return! I was away for only a few days but it was pretty awesome and plenty of wonderful experiences. I didn’t know where to start, so I thought I’ll write in short bursts. Look forward to your work, too.

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