Generous Earth

It’s three weeks before spring.  Like me, it feels like the Earth is anticipating this too.  I feel like as joyous as a child on a spiral staircase, slipping and sliding and at times, careening, giddy with delight.  I have planned three short breaks during early spring.  I can hardly wait!  As I countdown …thumb_IMG_3399_1024The canola fields are turning gold in the farming Midwest.DSCN8746.jpgThis picture captures the colours of the Midwest, so perfectly, from the ground.  DSCN8743.jpgThere are expanses of these low growing shrubs, encrusted with tiny flowers growing in the bush.DSCN8772.jpgBeautiful spears of flowers everywhere one looks.  DSCN8775.jpgIn this land even a common weed looks beautiful!thumb_IMG_3413_1024.jpgThere are huge swatches of paper everlasting flowers.  Just breathtaking!thumb_IMG_3418_1024.jpgSeeing them up close, is seeing perfection.DSCN8766.jpgThese purple flowers are scattered among the pinks and whites.thumb_IMG_3422_1024.jpgIn my garden the bees are busy.IMG_3356.jpgAnd, roses continue to bloom.

The Earth is generous at this time of year, so I thought I’d share my bounty with you.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


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