Where land meets the sea

Just a small selection of the landscapes that I’ve encountered on my travels.thumb_IMG_0936_1024
Mary Street, Highgate, an inner city Perth suburb.thumb_IMG_0227_1024
The Midwest outback near the mining town of Cue, Western Australia.  There were carpets of flowers in this harsh country in spring.thumb_IMG_0445_1024
The descent over Exmouth, Western Australiathumb_IMG_0602_1024
Between Carnarvon and Geraldton.  Taken from inside the car at 110km/hour.  No, I wasn’t driving!thumb_IMG_0876_1024
Between Morawa and Mingenew, Midwest towns, Western Australia.  From the car window again.thumb_IMG_4434_1024
Geographe Bay, Busselton, Western Australia.  One of my favourite bays.thumb_IMG_0931_1024
Outskirts of Geraldton, Western Australia.  Oh! those summer colours of the Midwest!thumb_IMG_0625_1024
Next month … I’m on the road again.

a dawn bird

In response to A Photo A Week Challenge : Landscape

In the presence of trees, one is never alone


I love this boab tree at Town Beach in Broome, Western Australia.  I’ve photographed it many times and captured many moods here.

I love boab tress.  Each graceful, unique and beautiful.  I believe in the presence of trees, we are never alone.

Happy to share my part of the world, with the wider blogging community.

a dawn bird

Every 2nd and 4th Thursday Parul at Happiness and Food, asks that we share pictures of Trees.


Generous Earth

It’s three weeks before spring.  Like me, it feels like the Earth is anticipating this too.  I feel like as joyous as a child on a spiral staircase, slipping and sliding and at times, careening, giddy with delight.  I have planned three short breaks during early spring.  I can hardly wait!  As I countdown …thumb_IMG_3399_1024The canola fields are turning gold in the farming Midwest.DSCN8746.jpgThis picture captures the colours of the Midwest, so perfectly, from the ground.  DSCN8743.jpgThere are expanses of these low growing shrubs, encrusted with tiny flowers growing in the bush.DSCN8772.jpgBeautiful spears of flowers everywhere one looks.  DSCN8775.jpgIn this land even a common weed looks beautiful!thumb_IMG_3413_1024.jpgThere are huge swatches of paper everlasting flowers.  Just breathtaking!thumb_IMG_3418_1024.jpgSeeing them up close, is seeing perfection.DSCN8766.jpgThese purple flowers are scattered among the pinks and whites.thumb_IMG_3422_1024.jpgIn my garden the bees are busy.IMG_3356.jpgAnd, roses continue to bloom.

The Earth is generous at this time of year, so I thought I’d share my bounty with you.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


“….this moment, is your life”

via Daily Prompt: Vague

It must have been about ten years ago when I first went to Port Hedland.  Not knowing what to expect I researched the area before the trip.  To my surprise there was more to see than just Port, salt mines, and iron ore laden freight transported by rail or sea.  What did surprise me was the vivid colours of the landscape.

There is no way the mining Pilbara region up north can be described in vague terms.  What you see, is what you get.

DSCN7195.jpgIt is hot.  It is red.  It is dusty.  The sky is blue.  It is magnificent.  DSCN7210.jpgThere is a solitary tree at Spoilbank, in South Hedland.  It is my favourite view from across the water.  This is harsh country exposed to cyclones.  I love the statement it makes.  DSCN7161.jpgThe muted shades of dusk.DSCN7163.jpgThe day ends beyond (tidal) Pretty Pool.  It casts an iridescent glow.DSCN7154.jpgThe bird life at Pretty Pool is discreet.  This heron was among the mangroves.  It was barely bigger than a crow.DSCN7152.jpgWith a stretch that was amazing!DSCN9593.jpgThe tide had left a calling card.  DSCN9563.jpgMy favourite place early morning is near a church.  The eagles like it too.DSCN9559.jpgThe magnificent cargo ships glide by, often without sound.DSCN7203.jpgI’ve visited Cemetery Beach before when the turtles were hatching.  (Yes, the beach is across the cemetery!).  This time I found sculptures on shore.  The real turtles in the sea were too quick to photograph.DSCN7201.jpgA beautiful egret.  An Eastern Reef egret, I think.DSCN7207.jpgThe rugged Pilbara shore.

I had lunch with my son yesterday.  I was telling him how hot it was in Port Hedland when I was there.  I got off the flight to temperature that was 17 degrees hotter than Perth.  I was sharing with him the sights and sounds of the Pilbara when he asked how come I am still enthusiastic about work after all these years of travel.  My answer was simple.  I practice the quote from The Rubaiyat by Omar Khayyam:  “Be happy for this moment.  This moment is your life.”

It is the essence of being alive.

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As always

a dawn bird