A topsy-turvy world

When living in Canada, my favourite time of year was autumn.  I loved the changing colours of the leaves and what drifted away from the parent tree in the fall.  The smell of burning leaves as chill took over the air is an evocative memory that lingers, as does the shiver as one tried to dig deeper into warmth.

When the Northern Hemisphere prepares for autumn, we in the Southern Hemisphere, look forward to spring.DSCN7753.jpgWhen new life begins.DSCN7974.jpgAnd young ones are nurtured.DSCN7694.jpgWhen one finds colour erupting in unexpected places.DSCN7627.jpgAnd even succulents on beach sand bloom in the warmth.DSCN7690.jpgA time when the mulla mulla appear in their hundreds of thousands across the arid mining country, with mauve spears tipped in pink.DSCN7622.jpgOr one finds a florist shop, roadside on an empty highway, that gave me pause to think.

Unlike nature, what grows unchecked, is not always beautiful. 

This, to me, is an unsettling thought.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



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