Just another trip

I’ve just returned from a few days in the South West of the State and further east into the Wheatbelt, this time to a small town where less than 200 people live.  There was one main street (stated on my GPS), the other streets had no signs!  And, the houses had no numbers!  I stopped at the only shop in town.  Apparently the owner had been told I was visiting a family and without me asking for directions, he pointed the way, saying I was expected at their home!  I love regional work!

Before I set off for my trip I kept to my routine in Bunbury.

DSCN8071On the way to Big Swamp early morning, I watched others wet a line at Wylarup Rocks, while I set off searching for mine.DSCN8077.jpgAnd found it in the tiny blue wren, who, in a word, was splendid.DSCN8347His mate was grey and beige, but as beautiful, with an aqua tail feather.DSCN8352.jpgI heard a New Holland Honeyeater tweet, but this one was not as sharp.  I could not see it at first so I just aimed and took a picture.  This is what I found!  My first sighting of a chick.DSCN8383.jpgThe Silvereye were alert, as was I, to catch this one.

DSCN8362I left Bunbury and headed to the Wheatbelt.  There were paddocks of flowers wherever I looked.  In some places there were kilometers of white freesias.  My friend in Canada posted a picture of recent snowfall in Calgary.  In contrast, we are enjoying snowfields of a different kind.DSCN8243.jpgThis was a creeper found extensively on ground.  At first I thought it was red liquid and at close up, the vibrancy took my breath away.DSCN8245.jpgThis little plant, no more than six inches high, was laden with tiny flowers.DSCN8265.jpgA type of hardenbergia was covering massive tracts of foliage, the likes of which I’ve never seen before!DSCN8276.jpgI found a tiny sundew and have just noticed it had company.  I’m not sure if you can see the detail on the insect.  It’s beautiful.DSCN8333.jpgThere were huge shrubs with fronds of flowers delicate enough to be on a wedding cake.DSCN8334.jpgAnd of course the purple hardenbergia was everywhere too.DSCN8181.jpgI was exhausted from driving on lonely, country roads in unfamiliar country, so at the end of the day, I returned to Back Beach in Bunbury to catch sunset.  I was whole again.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


2 thoughts on “Just another trip”

  1. Aren’t small towns great? Except when everyone knows your personal business. 😉
    I love seeing all your spring flowers. Driving in the countryside must have been glorious. The blue wren is stunning, as is the beautiful beach sunset.


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