Keep on truckin’


I’m off this weekend on another trip to the Wheatbelt.  This time I’m travelling further to places I’ve never been before.  These roads are narrow, the speed limit fast, and those  familiar with these roads, faster.

Trucks in this big State are synonymous with development.  They are also a lifeline to communities regionally.  The small supermarkets and petrol stations are all dependent on them.  I’ve learned to regard the big semis, with blinking lights, a beacon during dusk or heavy rain.  Being on the roads as much as I do, I’ve also come to respect the lifestyle these truck drivers lead.  It is hard work and I’m sure, the solitary drive can be lonely.   They have also warmed my heart when I’ve seen them out of their cab, taking pictures of sunrise or sunset , a rainbow across the horizon, or a flower at their feet.

I’ve had to remind myself of the positives I can experience in the coming week.  I’ll stop in Meckering for a quick snack and chat.  The cafe owners there now know me by face.  They always greet me warmly and having told their stories, I do the same.  Then there’s Kellerberrin where the owner of the little cafe stocks all kinds of condiments and jams.  I leave self-control in the boot, when I park.  And if open, the small antiques and collectables shop, is a quick browse.  The owner there, too, knows me well by face and wallet!  I also enjoy our chats.  I know Merredin well so that will be my home away from home for a couple of days before I head further.

The drive between Merredin and where I’m headed will be long and lonely.  I’m hoping the wildflowers are still blooming.  I’m also hoping the massive farming equipment is not being moved at this time of year.  They force one to slow down considerably, sometimes blocking the whole road while other motorists hang their cars off road.

I’m apprehensive about the trip.  This I cannot deny.  The phone coverage is not good where I’m going, and this only adds to my anxiety.  The traffic will also be distracted families returning from school holidays or taking their children to boarding school in the city.

So with Cold Chisel on the playlist, like the long distance truck driver I, too, keep on truckin’, eyes straight on road head.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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