Friday, no longer on my mind

There was a time when life was predictable.  Workdays were neatly tucked between Monday and Friday.  Weekends were made for leisure and filled the gap before the cycle revved up again.

Not any more!

When I look at my schedule I often find, my weekends can suddenly appear in the middle of the week.  I like that!  I also know my lifestyle would be frenetic, if I didn’t fully appreciate what these opportunities gift to me.

Although I visit some towns and regions on a regular cycle, I also get the opportunity to travel to places and spaces I’ve never been to before, for example, driving between Carnarvon and Geraldton.DSCN9837The drive is on a lonely highway.  The solitude in magnificent landscape, exhilarating.DSCN9838.jpgWe stopped for a few minutes rest to stretch our legs when in the far distance my zoom caught something on the horizon.  So we drove towards it.DSCN9845.jpgThe memorial astonished us.  It was huge.  Did it start with just one stone?  How did people know it was here?DSCN9841.jpgAnd nearby a smaller, personalised memorial to loved ones, long passed.

They are honoured with typical Aussie humour with beer cans, a bikini top, garden gnomes, rubber thongs, fishing tackle, and even a camping frypan.  We stood for a few minutes in silent respect and walked away, knowing them better.DSCN9839As we left the area, in this desolate landscape a tree stood frozen.  A silent reminder, it once danced in the breeze.  So I take the cue.

My lifestyle now teaches me to take time out every single day to be with nature in one way or another, even on the busiest of days.  Yesterday I found I practiced this.

My overnight trip to Geraldton where flights were delayed for hours each way and a busy Friday meant I had no time for going out with camera.  As I arrived at the airport, I scanned the environment around me.  I could have seen cars and trolleys.  But no!

DSCN9150I found the wildflowers were still blooming in the fields around the airport.DSCN9152.jpgIn a stiff breeze, the flowers rustled.  It was music to my ears.

Far from being tired, I’m home, before I quick step again.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird






9 thoughts on “Friday, no longer on my mind”

      1. Are you going on the writers retreat?, I would love to go again but unfortunatley my husband has developed lung cancer, so life is on hold, he has a really good attitude about it , saying as long as I get to watch the cricket, England vers Australia I will be happy. It has made his kids realise what a great dad he is. And life has taken on a new meaning, One day at a time. I love reading your blog Dawn, I went to our little catholic christmas service and I went up to have Holy Communion I said to the old father, I am not a catholic you betterjust give me a blessing, he said , do you want to, I said yes, so he gave me the sacraments. Bless the true christians .

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      2. Hi Claudette. How wonderful to hear from you! I’m sorry to hear of your husband’s illness. Sounds like the family is stayed strong. I’m thinking of doing the photography retreat this time if I go but won’t know until later this month. Thank you for visiting and glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. If you haven’t seen it check out my post Where Five Rivers Meet, it will bring back memories! Much love,


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